Maybe you expected it to go this way or maybe its what you could have never expected.
The rich old recluse whose family was one of the original founders of this town  has just admitted to dozens of unsolved crimes from the past several years.   It is our goal to bring him in quietly for questioning to see how we will move forward.  He may be clearing his conscience for his inevitable end, or he’s losing his mind and confusing his reality for someone else’s.  Either way, proceed with caution as we have no idea what is inside that Mansion.

Escape room minimum is 2 players and a maximum of 8 players, but we recommend 4 or more – game play is 60 mins per room – very low lighting, difficulty level 7 out of 10, asthma warning due to use of fog machine. Corporate events, date night, birthday party’s, team building, friends and family. All ages welcome.

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