A long long time ago, Merlin made a grave mistake that tormented him for many years to come.  In those passing years, Merlin’s sanity slowly disintegrated pulling him further into a world of darkness as he traversed the globe learning everything he could to try and fix his mistake.  After learning of a very ancient and powerful magic, a magic from another universe used to create time as we know it today, he decided going back in time was the only way to right his wrong.  With many more years of practice, he was able to separate time and created 3 time helices that he called, PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE.  Knowing that time travel would plunge the world into darkness, he cast a spell that would allow only him to traverse time while keeping the natural flow of time steady for the rest of the world.  Merlin was able to correct his mistake in the past, and over hundreds of years he traveled to many points in the future and the past to be prepared for anything that was to come.  Through these years Merlin was able to do great things but one thing he was not able to stop was his aging.  As he knew he was dying, he hid the pieces of time where they could never be found.  Several hundreds of years later, with advancements in technology, an anomaly was found  where time was collapsing upon itself.  For hundreds more years, teams have been sent into the anomaly and figure out how to put the pieces of time back together.  One problem has persisted in which the anomaly resets itself every hour and anyone inside during the reset disappears and is never heard from again.  The teams have figured out a way to leave clues behind to aid the groups that com e after.  What we do not know, is how close any of the teams have come to figuring out how to fix time.  It is up to you and your team to find and figure out the clues left behind to fix time and escape the anomaly as the anomaly grows ever larger slowly encompassing the earth minute by minute.  Will you bring the 3 helices back into one continuous helix and save the world?  You only have one hour to do so or you will disappear along with all the rest.

Escape room minimum is 2 players with a recommendation of 4-6 players and a maximum of 8 players-game play is 60 mins per room, medium lighting through entire game, difficulty level 5 out of 10 – corporate events, date night, birthday party’s, team building, friends and family. All ages welcome.

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